Combining our keen technical team in ENERGIRAN, with the expertise of our fabrication facilities in ENERGIRAN as well as domestic & foreign trading companies (METROPOL & APCOM), we are uniquely positioned to propose optimum solutions to resolve the customers’ needs and issues for EPC projects.


We share the requests of the Board with the other functions of the organization and we receive all the documental archive to start the work, like contracts, invoices, estimates, history of the cooperation and what else is useful to setup the procurement action plan with the aim of our sister companies as APCOM and METROPOL.

We do participate physically to the daily life of the Company with a certain agreed frequency within the time, but our on line and professional presence is continuative. Our experience suggests that we can produce a better understanding of the needs of the Client if we are insiders and outsiders at the same time.


Once we have a clear idea of the results, as per defined service level agreements, we have an open discussion with the Client and give instructions to the internal purchasing office with regards to the decisions.


Because of our worthwhile experiences in oil & gas industries as well as skilled staff, advanced technologies and up-to-date knowledge of upstream oil and gas industry, we are able to offer successful implementation of oil and gas field development plans through Management Consultancy (MC); Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) and General Contracts (GC). Some of our capabilities are:

  • Providing Managing Contract (MC), Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC), Consultancy and supervision
  • Economic evaluation, feasibility studies and finance
  • Geology, reservoir and EOR studies and prepare master development plans
  • Operation and management of seismic services (Acquisition, processing and interpretation of seismic data)
  • Petrophysical interpretation and evaluation of reservoir
  • Management of oil and gas reservoirs, Determination of rock properties and reservoir fluid, reservoir simulation and exploitation engineering
  • Drilling engineering including planning, designing and procurement and completion string design
  • Drilling operations including oil and gas well drilling and well repairing
  • Conceptual, basic, FEED and detailed design
  • Construction of upstream facilities and pipeline


ENERGIRAN Research and Development constitutes the first stage of development of a potential new service or the production process.

R&D activities of ENERGIRAN differ from case to case, with two primary models of an R&D department either staffed by engineers and tasked with directly developing new products, or staffed with reputable universities scientists and tasked with applied research in scientific or technological fields, which may facilitate future product development.

We make attempt to extend our R&D center in ENERGIRAN why we are well aware that is crucial for acquiring larger shares of the market through the marketization of new products.