This sector of the ENERGIRAN business is focused on design, supply material and manufacturing all static equipment and process package for production plants, those companies who are focused on post-production of crude oil and natural gas activities, oil & gas refineries, natural gas processors, utility units, storage units, the companies are engaged in the marketing and distribution of crude oil and natural gas products and all other plants who bring usable products to end users and consumers.

ENERGIRAN will deliver many downstream projects, including some special applications such as modular mini-refineries, and the revamping or installation of refinery units and other downstream projects such as:

  • Gas Refineries
  • Crude Oil Refineries
  • Condensate Refineries
  • Natural Gas Distributors
  • NGL Plants
  • Associated Gas Gathering Projects
  • Utility and Off-Site Units
  • Storage Units
  • Natural Gas Distributors
  • Gas Compression Stations
  • Oil & Gas Dehydration
  • Process packages
  • Retail Outlets


We are capable of developing process engineering in the refining sector with respect to licensed technologies.  Likewise ENERGIRAN has a wide experience in the design and construction of auxiliary services and off-sites for downstream plants: effluent treatment units, fire protection systems, nitrogen/compressed air systems, storage, electrical distribution, integrated control systems, flaring systems, etc.