Kaveh Machinery Industrial

KMC established in 1998 as a reputable manufacturer of all fixed equipment and several process packages, so the design and fabrication of many long lead items and other equipment of the EPC projects could be carried out in the early stages of the project in ENERGYIRAN and KMC and it leads the project to both time & cost saving significantly.

KMC engineering services and high-tech product range is tailored to suit different requirements of diverse markets.

As a dynamic target oriented company with fully equipped plants available every day, qualified project managers, engineers, skillful workforce, commercial and finance experts we explore and pursue the enormous opportunity in global market. Partnering with the bests in their own arenas, KMC brings technology and quality to clients and reiterates its belief of delivering the best, in services and manufacturing.
A significant track record for successful completion of projects within tight schedule, heavy procurement and construction tasks, lends credibility to the company, encouraging clients to trust it with repeat orders. KMC as customer oriented company has varied experience in standards of health and safety, quality management and is able to manage E, EP & EPC projects.